Quick Tips

Think about these tips before you gamble.

Planning can go a long way to reducing your harms when gambling.

Think about why you are going to gamble.

Is it for fun? If you’re gambling to escape problems, you’re more likely to experience harm from gambling and you might find it harder to stick to the suggested limits.

Stick to your entertainment or “fun-money” budget.

Keep in mind how much money you are able to spend overall on entertainment when deciding how much to spend on gambling.


Think about the types of games you’ll be playing.

Some types of gambling naturally increase the potential for causing harm to you.

  • Types of gambling like slot machines or online poker are fast-paced, involve frequent betting and encourage you to play more often and for longer periods of time which means you are more likely to spend more money.
  • Gambling such as lottery or raffle tickets are slower paced, less intense and involve less spending. Someone might a buy a ticket weekly or monthly.


Limit your access to money.

Consider leaving credit and debit cards at home. There are also apps that can prevent your phone from making payments.

Limit your consumption of alcohol, cannabis and other drugs while gambling.

This will make it easier to stick to the guidelines.

Schedule activities right after gambling sessions.

This will limit the amount of time you have to gamble.

Think about social influences.

Gambling with friends or alone can impact you differently. So can gambling in a public place such as a casino or bingo hall, or at home with friends or online.

Plan ahead.

If you have a big trip or special event coming up where you’ll be gambling, remember the lower-risk gambling guidelines and set limits.