Sports Betting
in Manitoba

Bet Legal, Bet for Fun, Bet with a Plan

Sports betting offers fans new and exciting ways to engage with their favourite teams and players. Across Manitoba, the popularity of sports betting is rising, thanks to the legalization of single-event betting and the ease of betting online. For most fans, placing bets can make watching the game more exciting. Some fans, though, can get too caught up in chasing the excitement of winning a bet. 

Sports betting comes with risk, just like other forms of gambling. Live or in-play bets can be especially harmful. These types of bets are more intense and fast-paced, which can lead to more spending in a short time. Betting on sports can also make the bettor feel a sense of false control over the outcome – they believe their knowledge of the game will help them win. 

Knowing if your betting habits are becoming problematic and how to lessen your risk is crucial for avoiding potential harm.

Ads for sports betting and betting platforms can also lead to risky betting habits, especially for young men, who are the targets of these ads. The Responsible Gambling Council (RGC) says sports bettors at a higher risk of experiencing gambling problems generally share the following traits:

  • Young adult (18-34 years old) male
  • Single
  • Full-time student or employed
  • Gamble in other ways (e.g., online poker, slots, lottery)
  • Often take advantage of promotions, like sign-up bonuses
  • Have friends who like sports betting

Anyone who bets on sports should use responsible betting strategies to lower their risk of developing harmful habits. Some simple strategies include:

  • Setting a budget and limiting your access to money.
  • Limiting your alcohol or cannabis use before and while betting.
  • Planning activities after you bet to limit your time spent betting.

You can find more strategies for responsible gambling on our quick tips page. Making a plan before placing your first bet and sticking to it is the best way to keep betting fun and lessen your chance of harm.


Bet to win, expect to lose.

Winning a sports bet is great, but count on losing. Set a limit and stay within it to reduce your overall losses.

Take a timeout.

Sports betting should be fun, so if you're chasing losses or think you can't lose, it's time to take a break.

No bets are free.

Sportsbook bonus credits, special offers or signup promotions could lead you to spend - and lose - more of your money over time.

Limit betting time.

The more time you spend on sports betting, the more money you'll lose in the long run.

Keep it legal.

Don't take the risk on unlicensed sites. Betting on regulated gambling sites is the safer choice.

There's no sure bet.

Game outcomes are unpredictable. Winning a bet owes more to luck than odds or knowledge of the sport.

Resources & Tips

How much can I afford to bet?

Use this calculator to determine what your recommended personal betting budget is.

Canada's Lower-Risk Gambling Guidelines

The Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CSSA) has developed lower-risk gambling guidelines to reduce the risk of experiencing harms from gambling.

  1. Gamble no more than 1% of your household income before taxes per month.
  2. Limit gambling to four days each month.
  3. Avoid regularly gambling at more than two types of games (bingo, horse racing, slots, ELTs, sports betting, lottery, casino games) during a gambling session.
Learn More

The LGCA's newest public awareness campaign offers Manitobans input and advice on reducing their risks related to sports betting.